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Apply now and bring your art to life on our SuprCanvas.

🔥Prometheus🔥 The Titan who gave fire(technology) to man.

Like Prometheus, we are giving select artists access to the SuprCanvas. An opportunity to create on prototype Art-Tech & push your creativity. Artists can earn the role of SuprArtist.

We are still searching for 3 artists.
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The Details.
Connect with your community. Access prototype art-tech.

🛠️Built and Ready. Created for artists and their collectors. You create on our SuprCanvas technology. Your collectors subscribe to see what you create.

1. All artists can apply.
2. Our Art Committee will go through applications and select artists.
3. If selected we will give you control of the SuprCanvas.

🖊️Artist's Base Exhibit Settings.
--> 1 week of creating on the SuprCanvas🔥
-----> Engage with your community like never before🔥
--------> Content created by you on the SuprCanvas for socials🔥

🤩SuprArtists. Selected artists will have a 1-day trial with access to the SuprCanvas. If successful, they will be added to the roster of SuprArtists. SuprArtists will be given priority access to the canvas, and the future alpha SuprSketch platform when it releases.

👑Content. Content. Content.
Fill your timeline with art created in a unique way. Bring your community in to engage with you directly while you create. Share your process with your loyal art lovers.

💵You earn 70% of all revenue generated from subscriptions during your tenure on the SuprCanvas. You maintain complete ownership of anything you create on the SuprCanvas during your Exhibit. We only ask for rights to display your art in our gallery, not sell.

🖼️Artistic freedom is at the heart of our ethos—you retain complete creative control of your time on the SuprCanvas. This is not a SuprSketch Canvas, it's YOURS. We built the stage. You only need to create on it.

Check out our Gallery of artists.

Want in?
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