an art focused livestream platform.
always live, pixel-perfect,
code-based digital canvases
that an artist remotely updates.

Featuring the prototype SuprCanvas.
We are still searching for 3 artists.
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Similar to a "livestream", not video-based, and better.
It is a code-based digital canvas displaying artist's digital brush strokes in real time.

🖊️Artist Drawing Pad🖊️

🖼️SuprCanvas Viewer🖼️

Perfect Updates🔥
What you see is a pixel-perfect mirror of an artist's drawing pad. We take their digital canvas and mirror it pixel for pixel for viewers of the SuprCanvas.

Always Displaying Art🔥
The SuprCanvas is always live, displaying the latest art updates, and always waiting for new updates.

Hand selected artists create on the SuprCanvas daily. With potential for artists to host their own SuprCanvases.

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