Tech built with only
Art in mind.



A Prototype Digital Smart Canvas, directly linked to a select artist's drawing pad.

       A digital canvas that an
artist remotely paints on.

ZERO compression. pixel-perfect art streamed to collectors.

Display Everywhere. Collectors can display the SuprCanvas from any smart device, live, in real-time.

200x less data
used compared
to live streaming*

HermesV3.2 in-house prototype tech. Named after the Greek messenger of the gods. Only new strokes/erases push updates straight to a SuprCanvas. Sent, received, and displayed instantly. Compression free. Offering an efficient and pixel-perfect solution for art collectors.

*Average data of a 1-hour livestream is over 2GB compared to SuprCanvas 10MB average.
Data Models will change as the prototype updates and this is only an estimate.

JanusV2.2 in-house prototype tech. Named after the Roman deity of duality. Infinite Collector SuprCanvases can be updated by one artist's drawing pad.

      that Transcend a Gallery

Complete Ownership. Artists retain full control over their creations. They own whatever they create on SuprSketch technology. We provide the tools for them to use at no initial cost.

Tools built for everyone. SuprSketch aims to offer a free web-based drawing platform for all artists. Break free from apps that claim ownership or charge for essential tools. With SuprCanvas, artists can create and connect in real-time, empowering their creativity.

Apply to Use.
Artists can apply to be on our SuprArtist roster. These artists will have access to our SuprCanvas tech ahead of everyone else. Click to learn more.
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