A prototype Art-Tech company changing the power dynamic between artists, galleries, and social media.
Innovation can strike at any moment.

What is SuprSketch? Originally the name of an innovative web3 art installation by our founder, Aar0n. With growing interest from the artist community, we evolved into a company committed to developing technology for artists and their collectors.

This is one of the first animations we made to showcase our tech.

Who is SuprSketch? It's hard to find a developer who is also an artist. Our CEO is an artist who happens to be a seasoned developer. Our team is comprised of artists, engineers, and industry experts. We know we are the right team to build tech for other artists.

Who is JuiceLabs? The best no-code Smart Contract development company, in our humble opinion. Created by Zach, JuiceLabs offers ready-made contracts, developer APIs, and no-code tools that will melt your brain. By integrating their API, artists using our website can effortlessly create complex smart contract functions to manage their art 🤯 Check out JuiceLabs for more details.

You're welcome.

The Brains Behind Everything.
Aar0n. A classically trained artist. An award winning, subject matter expert in network engineering. A dedicated art-tech entrepreneur who strives to merge creativity and technology while maintaining a web3 ethos.

"My art-tech is my life. I hope you enjoy our wonderful creation"


Aar0n. CEO. Founder. Artist. Engineer.
Web Dev.
Alex. COO. Founder. Operations. Marketing. Creative.
Zach. Web 3 Dev. JuiceLabs Founder. Technical Expert.
Mac. Artist liason.
Traditional Artist.
Creative. Marketing.
BanAnakin. Marketing. Engagement. Brand Strategy. Creative.
Earl. Web3 Integration Dev. Backend Dev. Technical Expert.

Development Plans

Current projects/tech we are developing.

Artist Platform. A subscription-based platform for artists. Artists offer their SuprCanvases to collectors over our built-in market. Utilize the power of Juice Lab's built-in smart contract "No Code" api. Set the price, amount of available canvases, and duration for which the canvases will be live. Whether its 1-week or 3-months, enjoy complete control over your creations and share your art with the world.

SuprMarket. Integrated with our platform. A gallery to find live artists, available SuprCanvases, and SuprCanvases that will be launching soon.

SuprTool. An in-house drawing tool that will be free for all artists. Powerful and web-based, all you need is access to a web browser. We are currently using sketchpad until we finish our own drawing tool.

Integrated Social Media. You use all your creativity in your art, then you have to find some for socials. We want to help artists to break free from the rigors of community engagement. For example, we are working on a video playback feature of your SuprCanvas. Easily turn an entire day of work into a 10-30 second video. Save or immediately post with built-in integrations to popular socials.

SuprFrame. We're developing a high-quality, gallery-grade physical smart frame designed specifically for SuprCanvas. Seamlessly integrated with the Artist Platform, effortlessly switch between previous artworks and live creations for an in-home art installation that transcends the gallery.

API. We will be licensing our api for creative use with your own projects/company.