Tech built with only
Art in mind.



A Prototype Digital Smart Canvas, directly linked to your favorite artist's drawing pad.

       A digital canvas you own,
that an artist can remotely paint on.

Display Everywhere. Collectors can display the SuprCanvas from any chrome capable smart device, in real-time, live.

200x less data
used compared
to live streaming*

HermesV2. in-house prototype tech. Named after the Greek messenger of the gods. Only new strokes/erases push updates straight to your SuprCanvas. Sent, received, and displayed instantly. Offering an efficient and eco-friendly solution for your art.

*Average data of a 1-hour livestream is over 2GB compared to SuprCanvas 10MB average.
Data Models will change as the prototype updates and this is only an estimate.

JanusV1. in-house prototype tech. Named after the Roman deity of duality. With our tech, your art can be shared with all of your collectors. Connect several SuprCanvases to one artist's drawing pad, and see the drawings update on all screens at the same time, in real-time*

*We have successfully tested 2000 SuprCanvases connected to one artist's drawing pad
      that Transcend a Gallery

Complete Ownership. As an artist, you retain full control over your creations. You own whatever you create on SuprSketch technology. We provide the tools for you to use at no initial cost. We built the stage, all you have to do is perform.

Subscription Model. Artist's face the lack of income between art sales. SuprCanvas is a subscription-based model. Think "Only Fans" but for Artists. It's an answer to the royalties problem, allowing artists to use their creative process to fund themselves. Artists have the freedom to set their own subscription pricing for access to their live art, ensuring control and flexibility in monetizing their creative process. Our revenue comes from taking a percentage of SuprCanvas subscriptions.

Tools with a Web3 Ethos. SuprSketch offers a free web-based drawing platform for all artists. Break free from apps that claim ownership, monitor your data, or charge for essential tools. With SuprCanvas, artists can create and connect in real-time, empowering their creativity.

Appy to Use.
Artists can apply for us to fund a personal project featuring our SuprCanvas tech & JuiceLabs api. Click to learn more.